Mobile-ready field management

Give remote workers the access they need to data, taks & more

TrackVia’s workflow management solution combines web and mobile into a single, centralized solution. This allows remote workers to receive work orders, pull up data or capture new data no matter where their job takes them. Back at the office, data is captured in real-time, so everyone stays in sync. 

TrackVia's overview shows that KPIs were achieved in Q1 2020.

Same platform.
all devices.

With TrackVia, you can access, update and edit all your operational and field-service work and data from anywhere, on any device. This means you can send tasks or work orders to remote employees on their mobile devices, and see real-time data as they capture new data or update job statuses from wherever they are. 

For your team in the field, they can access assignments or work orders from their device, collect new data or pictures right from the field, and update job statues. No more driving paperwork back-and-forth to the office, having to call in or sending texts. 

For management and executive teams, it means real-time and accurate visibility into what’s going on. Stay on top of work as it’s happening, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot problems faster. It also helps ensure important tasks or procedures don’t get missed or skipped. 

A screenshot of the task tabs in Azure, ideal for tracking progress on projects.
Project distribution via TrackVia Mobile.

Easy to deploy & update.

TrackVia’s workflow management solution is built atop a highly configurable low-code architecture. This means it’s fully configurable and customizable without any complex coding or IT support required. 

This also means that TrackVia can be updated or edited at anytime in real time. So if you need to collect a new piece of data from the field, or change up assignments or workflows, simply update the software, hit save and TrackVia is instantly updated for everyone, including remote workers. 

Brand & name your mobile solution.

While our default TrackVia mobile app gets the job done for most, there are still instances when companies need an app they can truly call their own. The TrackVia team has robust customization and white labeling capabilities upon request and is happy to discuss what your needs are!

Supported Integrations

Seamlessly connect with existing ERP, CRM, BPM, financial systems, and more, all powered by Workato’s award-winning platform.

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