About TrackVia

Revolutionizing the way real work gets done

Our vision is to be the undisputed, go-to solution that thousands of growing companies rely on to digitize and streamline old paper- and spreadsheet-based methods for collecting data, managing work processes and making better decisions with accurate, real-time information.

A bar graph displaying project status can be easily generated using TrackVia Mobile.
This is a snapshot of the project management dashboard in Trackvia.
A pie chart displaying task status in a TrackVia overview.

TrackVia's Mission

TrackVia is dedicated to transforming work processes by shifting from traditional manual and paper-based methods to streamlined, digital solutions. Our goal is to enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and empower both back office staff and frontline employees to effectively manage and complete essential tasks, helping companies achieve their objectives more efficiently.

TrackVia Leadership Team

TrackVia’s executive team is made up of passionate leaders with a broad range of technology and business experience— from successful startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Nate Allen

Chief Executive Officer

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Charles Var

Chief Revenue Officer

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Brett Reed

Vice President of Finance

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Kyle Turner

Vice President of Software Engineering

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Kate Zornow

Vice President of Services

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Sara Verzino

Human Resources

The Project Management Institute Gold Citizen Developer Badge is awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills in project management and development. This prestigious recognition highlights their expertise in utilizing TrackVia, a powerful software tool for optimizing business

We’re leading the way with PMI Gold Status

We’re proud to be the first-ever gold partner certified by PMI specifically for citizen developers looking to streamline operational and field service workflows. TrackVia and PMI are committed to collaborating on the education, application, and advancement of citizen development.

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