Rolling out TrackVia’s App Insights™ Feature

TrackVia Admin, we’ve got something special for you to celebrate with our most recent release. App Insights is the foundation of a robust new capability, allowing admin to manage application resources across their entire organization from one convenient location.

At TrackVia we know, just as well as you, that maintaining visibility into all the moving parts of a suite of apps can be a daunting & time-consuming task. That’s why we’re on a mission to consolidate information pertaining to core application features in one easy-to-access page visible to Super Administrators of the system.

For the first version of App Insights, you’ll be able to quickly locate all Application Scripts, Notifications, and Scheduled Shares within your account, making updates and issue resolution more streamlined than ever; and this is just the beginning!

Investigate, manage, and make updates to core business logic faster than ever before

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I access this feature?

At TrackVia we believe in making the accomplishment of routine tasks available to all, so the core features within App Insights are accessible by all TrackVia Super Administrators.

To access App Insights, simply click on the “App Overview” dropdown in your Admin Toolbar to reveal a link to App Insights:

A Super Admin accessing App Insights from their QC Manager Dashboard

Can my Application Admin have access to Insights for their Apps?

For this version of App Insights, access is limited to Super Administrators. However, we are looking to expand access and introduce additional features in an upcoming release, which leads us to another frequently asked question…

What’s Next?

Up next, our team is working on removing the toil associated with lengthy field audits and application maintenance by providing better visibility into where fields are referenced in your apps (e.g. what Views, Forms, Calculations, or Scripts reference this field?).

Beyond that, our Product and Design team have a long list of features we look forward to bringing to the product, including:

Are there other features you would love to see tracked in App Insights? Or do you have an opinion on which of these features would be the most valuable for your organization?

A green circle on a white background can be found in TrackVia's interface.

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