What is citizen

Citizen development is revolutionizing the business world by allowing business users to take control of application creation without professional developer intervention.

A citizen developer could have a variety of titles, but the simple idea is they are in the line of business to be able to know the best ways to improve processes.

With citizen development, time-consuming business processes have been replaced with actual working software, providing a necessary boost to efficiency and providing faster digitization.


Benefits of
Citizen Development

Empowering business users to create, deploy and manage custom applications and automating business processes could improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs associated with code maintenance, and reduce the burden on IT departments.

Citizen development


Tools for Citizen

Low-code and no-code (LCNC) development platforms are the most effective tools for Citizen Development.


  • Centralize apps and data, reducing data silos
  • Enable digitization of your businesses
  • Speed up your application development
  • Reduce costs and complexity
  • Help drive your business results

Consider whether you need an on-premise or cloud-based solution and integrations into existing corporate systems. Also consider scalability, the ease of use for citizen developers, and security/access controls

TrackVia is a PMI Gold -Tier Technology Partner, ensuring our customers have all the tools they need to empower non-professional developers to create custom applications easily.


Challenges of
Citizen Development

Citizen Developers may not be aware of various administration protocols, causing inconsistencies in applications and limitations in scalability, maintainability and future development, resulting in shadow IT.



What else should I know about citizen development?

Becoming a citizen developer is easy, start small, think big, and scale fast!

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build anything.

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What will you build today?

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