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Track, manage, and automate any construction process for increased efficiencies, improved productivity, centralized data, enhanced safety compliance, and better profit margins.

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In the construction business, you’re under enormous pressure to run on-time and on-budget with the utmost focus on safety and quality. But antiquated paper and spreadsheet processes keep risks hidden and you behind. To resolve this, citizen developers like you are embracing no-code tools to better manage and streamline work, data, and processes, while decreasing costs—and doing it in days, not weeks.

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Since implementing TrackVia, KSI has reported an overall increase in project efficiency. Safety compliance data is centralized for better, faster reporting, and job site workers are more productive. These efficiency and productivity gains have contributed to better on-time performance and better profit margins.

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Centralize data, automate work, and simplify processes end-to-end—like project management for scheduling, ordering, receiving, delivering, installing, inspecting, inventory, billing, employees, and more— with an app built by you using a drag-and-drop interface, no IT or coding required.

Keep work moving without bottlenecks

Make sure every team is successful by providing step-by-step guidance through tasks using your app. Ensure processes are completed with the utmost speed and quality—with nothing overlooked or delayed—using custom thresholds, triggers, alerts, notifications, and approvals.

Work anytime, anywhere

Get work done on any device, in any location, even when teams are offline. Gather and share even more data like documentation, photos, signatures, barcodes, and more. Integrate your app with drag-and-drop ease to existing systems for a complete data picture.

Make confident decisions at any time

With all your data centralized in one place, you can monitor quality, costs, and safety at every stage, and even update processes in seconds if things change. Instantly analyze critical metrics, processes, and milestones in real time using customizable charts, graphs, and dashboards.

The future is bright when you’re out of the dark.

If you’re ready to transform your construction business, you’ve come to the right place. TrackVia is the fastest and most cost-effective way to transform your business, plus it easily scales as you grow. Backed by the most-trusted no-code/low-code platform and the industry’s best customer experience, you should rest assured knowing we’ll help you every step of the way.

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Before TrackVia, Construction Santé Montréal used 15 interconnected spreadsheets to track and manage 180,000 pieces of equipment and assets. The spreadsheets crashed regularly due to data volume. Now, CSM has full control and visibility over each installation project and every piece of inventory in one app.

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