If you’re reading this blog post, then you’re likely a TrackVia administrator, or will be soon! Did you know that there are thousands of other TrackVia administrators just like you? Did you know there is a super easy way for you to interact with all these other TrackVia rock stars? That’s right!

All TrackVia administrators have access to the Community Forum where they can ask questions, share ideas, give guidance, and even help influence the features that we add to our product roadmap. There are many reasons why you should engage with this community, and we’ve listed a few of them below:

1. Improve Your Existing Apps

No matter what types of applications you’ve built within your TrackVia account, it’s guaranteed that other TrackVia customers are doing something similar. The keyword here is “similar.” Even two customers that build Project Management applications will do so in different ways, use different features of the platform, and build different workflows, based on what works for their specific needs. Perhaps they’ve found a way to do something that’s an improvement on the way you’ve been handling the same thing within your app.

Wouldn’t you want to leverage their experience? Of course, you would! Try posting specific questions in the community How-to Questions Room.

Here are some examples:

  • What types of views work best for task assignments?
  • Here’s how I’m reporting on planned vs. actual hours for my projects…how are others doing this?

2. Find New Ways to Use TrackVia

Many customers come to us with a single challenge they’re looking to solve or an application they’d like to implement. They’re so laser-focused on solving that single need, that it becomes difficult for them to separate TrackVia from that initial point solution in their mind. However, the reality is that TrackVia is not a point solution! It’s a platform where you can build countless applications that drive value for your organization.

One thing I’ve heard many times from our customers is that they want to use TrackVia for more things, but they don’t know where to start. The community forum is a great place to start! It’s a place for you to share how you are using the platform and for you to see how other people are using the platform. Try posting generic questions about use cases to the General Discussion Room.

Here Are a Few Examples:

  • I work for a manufacturing company that uses TrackVia for inventory management. How are other manufacturing companies using TrackVia?
  • Has anyone used TrackVia for a vendor scorecard?
  • I’d like to use TrackVia for HR purposes, but I’m not sure what might be easiest to start with. What HR apps were the easiest to create?

3. Learn by Teaching

Most of us are probably familiar with the learning pyramid that shows how much information we retain by participating in different activities. While different studies show varying levels of retention, most agree that teaching or helping others is one of the most, if not the most, effective ways to learn. Because other TrackVia administrators are always posting questions to the community forum, it’s a perfect place for you to engage as a teacher rather than a learner.

Answering questions in the community forum may be scary or daunting, but don’t worry! You can always start small. Rather than trying to provide a definitive answer, try sharing relevant information that pertains to the question or something you’ve seen in your experience that may be helpful. As you get more comfortable working within TrackVia and feel more confident in your admin abilities, you may find that answering questions and being a TrackVia expert is fun!

4. Impact the Product Roadmap

While the TrackVia platform has tons of great features to help you build amazing applications, it doesn’t have everything (when will it be able to recognize voice commands?!). Inevitably, someday you will come across a piece of functionality that you’d like to see added to the platform. Please don’t keep those thoughts to yourself – we’d love to hear them!

Post your enhancement requests to the I Would Like to See Page, and comment on other ideas, and help us decide what to build next!

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What will you build today?

  • TrackVia Low Code App Builder Line Chart with Inspection Dates
  • Low-Code App Builder Project Status Bar Chart
  • Low-Code App Builder Task Status Pie Chart
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