TrackVia v1.5.0 Release Notes


We’ve been pretty busy at TrackVia. The following release notes summarize the epic improvements and new features we’ve added to help further automate workflow, streamline navigation and data input, as well as provide more control for admins and end-users. To read more about this new release, check out this blog post.

TrackVia v1.5.0 feature highlights

• Introduction of TrackVia Express vs. Pro plans
• Real-time email notifications
• In-cell edit for data in grids
• Cross-table formulas
• Bulk record edit and delete
• Navigation changes in Views
• Workflow and KB shortcuts in help panel
• Improved resource editing navigation
• Link to parent records in Import to add
• Charts now available in iPad app
• Charting improvements for multiple group-bys
• Improved criteria options for filters
• Page load performance gains for data grids
• Preferred forms and homepage settings for Admins
• Improved layout for printing forms and views in browsers

Notable defects fixed

• snip() function not working
• day(), week(), month() functions don’t account for timezone
• Website widget doesn’t work on dashboard
• Go-to search should display last input highlighted upon focus
• Checkbox field – 64 or more options corrupts table
• Text on form does not render line breaks
• Forms, errant “undo” link for calculated fields
• Gantt chart: dates not displaying correctly, “undefined” warning when clicking on a bar
• Provide a chronological sort so that month and day of week do not get sorted alphabetically
• Putting quotes around field names in a formula causes toaster when opening table
• Can’t use a dropdown field for second-level group by
• Paragraph input fields on forms need more space, line breaks ignored
• Unresponsive script error in Form Builder
• gridview wrapping issues