Moving Business Forward with WebMerge Integrations

Web Merge

Have you ever found yourself copy-pasting data out of spreadsheets and into a document to create reports? Or sending dozens of emails to different email addresses, changing only the name in the greeting and a few key data points?

If you or your employees are spending hours on this kind of manual data manipulation, you already know how inefficient these processes can be. They cause a loss in productivity, a waste in resources, and can even impact your bottom line. Even worse, doing data entry manually increases errors. If you’re moving data from an Excel spreadsheet to a Word document for several hours, it’s easy to lose track of where you are and make a mistake — leading to huge decisions being made on incomplete or incorrect data!

TrackVia automates workflow processes to increase productivity and prevent human error. With TrackVia, you can easily create a mobile-ready custom app that allows workers to easily and more accurately follow processes and collect data. TrackVia then stores your data securely, provides differing levels of access to data, and lets you analyze your data quickly with filters, visualizations, and reports.

To make working with data even easier, the new TrackVia integration with WebMerge offers a robust tool that allows you to take data from your TrackVia platform and merge that data directly into a variety of document formats and emails — eliminating the need for manual manipulation. This integration also gives you total creative control over how your documents look by letting you create and update your own templates as needed.

TrackVia’s customer RP Construction Services uses the WebMerge integration to create daily job-site reports. The data they use is collected by engineers in the field using their custom TrackVia app on iPads. With their app, they keep track of how many hours each person on site is working, the weather conditions for that day, and how much progress was made. At the end of the day, this construction firm simply selects the dropdown to merge this data into a document which is automatically delivered to their clients. This allows their clients to know about any delays as they occur, leading to increased communication and their clients fulfilling the firm’s invoices earlier.

As this example illustrates, automating data collection with TrackVia and using the WebMerge Integration has the ability to move your business forward.

What’s stopping you from digitizing your processes to create business-critical documents on demand?

Learn more about how WebMerge works with TrackVia and get started leveraging this powerful integration.


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