TrackVia Mobile Maps: Capture Field Location Automatically!


Do you feel that your business applications are lacking a connection to the physical world? Laptops, hot spots, mobile apps, tablets, jet packs, and super trendy coffee shops have allowed us all to become untethered from the office. Let me be clear, this is a good thing.  Some business processes however still need to be tethered for auditing or quality management. TrackVia mobile maps are here to bring you back down to earth.

TrackVia’s latest feature is a new field called Location at Creation. As you have might have surmised, this field captures the location at which a record was created. Think of this as a system field akin to Created By User or Created Date, it is captured by the system and is not editable. The location capture works when using your Web browser or your TrackVia mobile apps.

While there are many uses for this new feature a few big ones come to mind. Capturing locations of door-to-door sales will help administrators in the office better plan sales routes and strategy. In the home health care industry, quality and auditing are everything. Managers can verify that patient visits actually took place by geostamping each record. In field work such as property management, employees can quickly report issues back to the office with accurate location data and pictures attached.


Get started with TrackVia mobile maps

Here are a few tips to help get you started with TrackVia mobile maps. First, head over to the table designer in your application and drag on a Location at Creation field. You can only add one of these per table.

We have a new setting available with this field type — we call it Mobile Required. Fancy, right? Since this new field type is largely built for people out in the field using our mobile apps, we have created the ability to require it on those apps. Mobile App users will need to have location services enabled to create records if the field is Mobile Required.

After you have added this to your table your next step should be updating your forms. Drag the field on to the form and adjust the size.

Alright, looks like your forms are set up! Now, let’s add some records. On the Web you can see that the map will center and drop a pin at your current location.

Adding a record on one of the mobile apps will have the same effect and use the accuracy of your device’s built-in GPS. When you come back to this record in the future, you will be able to see that same captured location.

Now that you have captured some location data, head back to the grid to see how easy it is to view your point on a map. Just click the link in the Location Column that you added to expand.

One point not enough? Click the pin icon in the upper right corner of any view with a Location at Creation field to flip to a map view.

These maps can be used on dashboards and works great with mobile features like one-tap directions, click to call, and an integrated camera.

The use cases for TrackVia mobile maps are really endless. If you are interested in learning more sign up for a demo or a trial and our team can show you how it works!