Get the most out of TrackVia forms


Over the last few months our team has been working hard to add new features and improvements to the functionality of a form. These changes have focused on increasing efficiency and usability of TrackVia forms on both our Web interface, as well as our mobile platforms, transforming forms into one of the most powerful tools within an application. TrackVia forms are used for adding new records, viewing or editing existing records, and creating an efficient workflow within an application. A great benefit of a well-thought-out form is that it allows you to see all relevant data in one location, while creating easy navigation between related tables.

Previously, we discussed how to create forms with the new and improved form designer. Now that the design is out of the way, let’s look at some of the highlights of the new TrackVia forms!

Adding parent records to TrackVia forms just got easier!

Let’s say you receive a new sales lead, and you need to enter the person’s contact information. When a parent record, in this case the Company Information, does not exist in the application, you have the ability to create the record when adding the child record.

After clicking on the plus icon, you can enter the company information.

new_trackvia_forms_add parent



One of our most requested features has been added to TrackVia forms – the ability to print a record! From the gear icon in the upper right, simply select ‘Print’. 


Quickly access a website or send email

To send an email to a contact, clicking on the envelope will prompt your computer’s default email client to load and auto populate the specified address. Next, to visit a website, simply click on the globe icon. This will open a new window and take you directly to the website.


Mobile shortcuts

Not to worry, we added shortcuts to your TrackVia mobile applications as well! On your Android device, you can click to call, text, email, or visit a URL directly from a form.


Take advantage of GPS!

You can now use a specialty field to track the location where a record was created. Knowing where a record is created can help create more efficient workflows for employees who work remotely. For example, you can track the location of a home health care provider when they log their arrival time for a patient or you can track when a delivery truck has reached their location. When you add the field type ‘Location at Creation’ to your forms, a pin point marks where a user was on map when a record was created. This is viewable on a Web browser or your mobile application.



Note: Location services on mobile devices must be enabled to use this feature. From the Web, your browser will ask permission to share your location with TrackVia.


As new features are added, forms will continue to become more powerful for end users. In the meantime, visit our knowledge base to learn more about our map feature and stay up to date with new features and enhancements by bookmarking our Product Release Notes.

We’d love to hear your feedback all of the new features in TrackVia forms. Leave a comment below or tweet us @trackvia