TrackVia Winter 2019 Release

TrackVia Product Release Winter 2019

Empowering Confident Work and Decision Making

Every day business leaders get caught second-guessing decisions. Why? We lack confidence in the data we’re basing our decisions on because it was captured on paper, transferred to an Excel file, re-keyed into another system, downloaded to a csv file, emailed around until you don’t know which version is which, and on and on. In the end, you find yourself having to make important decisions based on questionable data and inefficient processes. Not ideal, but it’s our reality.

When done correctly, automating manual processes with custom workflow applications can be the magic wand that fixes the mess above. First, by ensuring data is trustworthy, you can eliminate or significantly reduce second-guessing and make decisions with more confidence. Second, you can move your business forward by more easily distributing work throughout your organization while making sure it’s done correctly and completely.

With this theme of trustworthy data and more distributed work in mind, TrackVia announces our Winter 2019 Release with features that help you work and make decisions with more confidence, such as:

  • Accurately manipulate, analyze, and make decisions using vast amounts of data
  • Visualize tracking workflows through stages to better prioritize and allocate resources
  • Quickly add and search for users, as well as gain insight about activity and engagement
  • Deliver a continuous branded mobile experience for employees, partners, and customers
  • Leverage a blueprint for building out your custom applications
  • Centrally manage and control the security of authentications between systems
  • Work more easily with an improved user interface for iOS mobile apps

The result of these new TrackVia features is more decisive business decisions based on better analysis and insight, business continuity, and repeatable data collection.

Better Analysis and Insight
With the Winter 2019 Release, TrackVia now has new features to help businesses capture, analyze and leverage information along a workflow to make better decisions. With enhanced Quick Filters, users can more accurately manipulate, analyze, and make decisions with large amounts of data using conditional groups as well as “and” and “or” logic. Our improvements to Lanes allow customers to visualize tracking workflows through stages to make decisions on where to prioritize and allocate resources. Furthermore, the addition of user management helps administrators quickly find, import, and export users as well as gain insight about user activity and engagement.

Business Continuity
Business leaders want to ensure operations run without interruption. To help achieve this, TrackVia has added Entity Resource Design (ERD), which helps TrackVia administrators be more decisive and confident about how they build and expand their custom applications. Furthermore, TrackVia now has API Access to heighten the security of authentications between systems by providing centralized management and more granular control over the connections.

Repeatable Data Collection
In order to make better-informed decisions, businesses must acquire a significant amount of standardized information along a workflow. With TrackVia’s new branded mobile app, customers can now present a continuous brand experience to their employees, partners, and customers — making it easier and more seamless for users to adopt and use their apps. To further increase usage, in the upcoming weeks TrackVia will also be releasing enhancements to its mobile app for iOS.

Overall, the Winter 2019 Release helps customers work and make decisions with greater confidence. For more information, watch the TrackVia Winter 2019 Release webinar replay or read our press release announcement.

We’d like to hear from you. How do you envision the new TrackVia features and capabilities helping your organization?

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