When Your IT Department Tells You ‘No’

“It’s in the Backlog.”
“I can give you a timeframe once we prioritize the project.”
“We’re a bit tight on development capacity right now.”

Does any of this sound familiar? As a member of the TrackVia Solution Consulting team, I hear it all the time from the business operations leaders that we work with. While the specifics may vary the story is the same — IT departments everywhere are understaffed and overloaded making it difficult or impossible to get critical projects prioritized.

In fact, this is a story I’m personally familiar with. Prior to joining TrackVia, I led the Supply Chain Planning team for a leading automotive retailer. One of my responsibilities included disseminating, tracking, and reacting to weekly procurement goals for a buying team tasked with purchasing over 100,000 vehicles per year. Like many business processes, this one evolved organically over time and we managed it with the tools available to us: spreadsheets, email and *gasp* faxes!

Low-Code Software

This manual process struggled to handle our scale and the real-time performance goals we wanted to achieve. During a common water cooler moment (meaning half gripe, half brainstorming session) with our EVP of Inventory, I mentioned a cloud-based platform that might be able to solve our procurement tracking problems.

Our requirements for a solution included:

  1. Ability for the business admin (me) to develop in and maintain the solution
  2. Flexible enough to use the unique data sets produced by our inventory planning processes
  3. Strong mobile capabilities that are easy to use for our remote buying team
  4. Real-time reporting already built in to support management decision making
  5. Reliable, robust, and secure platform that we could count on

TrackVia met every requirement and within 6 weeks I was trained, designed my application, beta-tested and fine-tuned the application with an internal focus group, and conducted a national roll-out to over 100 users.

Prior to my Supply Chain Planning role at this company, I served as a Business Analyst on one of our internal development teams. This IT perspective gave me a real appreciation for the results we were able to accomplish with TrackVia.

First, even though the manual Supply Chain processes we wanted to digitize were critical to the business, they didn’t constitute the type of project that makes it to the priority list for developers.

Second, even the fastest IT deliverables were measured in months, not weeks. So, to be able to significantly upgrade our procurement process capabilities with TrackVia without using any IT resources was an absolute game changer for my department and the company at large. A coworker at the time told me that TrackVia fundamentally changed their job from an “order taker” to a value-added team member.

This experience left such an impression on me that eventually I joined the TrackVia team in order to help other companies realize the same results. Every week I hear this same story told in different ways, across every industry. Recently, I received a note from a customer at a large government contractor telling me how much he enjoyed his first vacation in years because TrackVia helped automate processes he used to babysit.

Technology can unlock really incredible results and you don’t have to let IT constraints hold you back.

IT is business-critical function, but like the rest of us they can’t be all things to all people. That’s where TrackVia comes in. You can get the applications you need and IT can easily say ‘Yes!’ because TrackVia is built to be IT approved.

For more information on this topic, read Automating Workflows Despite IT Resource Constraints.

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