Unleash the Power of Your TrackVia Platform with Cross App Connect


Have you had success with your current TrackVia app and are now ready to expand your usage to an additional one? Or perhaps your co-workers have heard about the awesome things that you’ve been able to accomplish with your application and are interested in leveraging it to help them streamline their work as well?

This is a common scenario that we run into, as often our customers will initially implement the TrackVia platform to solve a specific operational problem or to streamline departmental work, projects, processes and the like. From there, they will look to the power of our low-code platform to expand on their success quickly and easily as future needs arise.

With this in mind, we wanted to make it even easier for you and the co-workers you’ve impressed to build on your initial success with TrackVia and to leverage the data that you’ve carefully curated within your app.

Cross App Connect is a new feature that simplifies the process of sharing data, forms, views and even filters between different applications. Put simply: if another app needs to share information contained in yours, such as a list of customers or assets, you can easily make the data available to them with just a couple clicks. Not only can you provide access to your data with others, but you can also share the forms and views you’ve already built across apps—saving time and ensuring a consistent user experience for everyone.

So when might you use Cross Application Connect?

While there are infinite ways to connect your applications, here are a few examples.

Sharing company and customer information:
This is a use case that we hear all the time. It’s hard enough to keep your own resources up-to-date, much less customer information and contacts that change often. With Cross App Connect, sales, operations, shipping, finance and other departments can all be sure to have the latest and greatest customer and contact information in their apps. So the next time one of your customers moves their office location, you can update the new address in one place, and everyone will instantly have access to this newly updated information.

Sharing inventory lists and amounts:
When it comes to managing inventory and assets, many teams, such as receiving and warehouse departments, procurement,  operations, sales and order fulfillment, and the like often need to be involved. In this example, everyone needs to know the latest inventory counts, especially in real-time, in order to get their work done. Trying to sync this information is an exercise in futility; operations run much smoother when everyone has real-time access to the latest counts, lists and levels.

Sharing quality metrics:
Investing in inspecting your products or the services you provide is another common example for how Cross App Connect can be utilized. Everyone wins when you share the results of your investments in quality. Your operations department might be responsible for gathering the information, but there are plenty of other people who benefit from access to this data. For example, your supply chain folks will be ecstatic to know how well their suppliers’ products are holding up to the gauntlet of the manufacturing line. Along the same lines, your customer success team will be eager to see how well your services have been provided against the specified client needs. Having this information at their fingertips in order to better accomplish their work is invaluable.cross_app_connect

Interested in learning more? Visit our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions and videos on how to set up Cross App Connect in your TrackVia applications.

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