TrackVia’s Low-code Platform Leads the Way in Destroying Dirty Data

“TrackVia helps customers take yet another huge step towards clean data!”
Okay, so it may seem like advanced functionality for number formatting and min/max constraints isn’t necessarily front-page newsworthy. That said, these capabilities translate into better data integrity, and that is sensational news. Here’s why: Because data is the backbone of all of our systems, processes and ultimately our businesses. Given the importance of the data that runs our companies, this is super exciting news (even if you’re not a data fiend, like I am.)

In fact, we all know that in order to make informed decisions, we need data, often lots of it. The more data, the better; right? Well, normally the answer to this question is always a resounding, “Yes.” That said, even if we have a lot of information on hand, we still won’t be able to leverage it to drive better decisions if its quality is questionable. So, what we really desire isn’t just “lots of data;” we actually want “lots of clean data.” Clean data is defined by the presence of standardized, uniform, and validated information in our systems and processes. Quality data provides us with consistency and prevents us from making bad decisions due to a simple mistake or on a “fat-fingered” data entry. So what defines dirty data then? Well, dirty data is characterized by the 3 “I’s”:

● Inaccurate
● Incomplete
● Inconsistent

When it comes to data management, being able to avoid these 3 terrible “I’s” allows for better overall analytics and reporting and ultimately better business decisions. With this in mind, we have enhanced our system even further to ensure the integrity of the data within your TrackVia applications. Number formatting and min/max constraints allow TrackVia admins to have even greater control over the consistency and accuracy of the data being collected and entered into their system.

Number Formatting:

Number formatting will allow admins to present number fields consistently throughout the app by enabling them to control how values in these fields are represented. This enhanced functionality provides admins the ability to manipulate number fields and values in new ways, such as choosing how many decimals to show, deciding what currency to display and determining whether or not a separator is needed.

Min/Max Constraints:

Being able to control the minimum and the maximum number value allowed in any given field will result in better data accuracy and standardization. Admins can now define the acceptable inputs for each field, which means they can avoid undesirable data outcomes, such as getting negative numbers in a quantity field or giving out too much of a discount. Learn more about this functionality by checking out our Min/Max video here.

At TrackVia, we believe in the power of data. We think that data, and its integrity, is paramount to not just our technology but also to all aspects of a modern business. (If you don’t believe me, just sit in a room with our CEO for fifteen minutes, and you’ll hear him say at least once, “Show me the data.” But this data-centric attitude doesn’t stop with our company leaders, it is emulated at all levels of our organization.) Given the importance of data integrity to the low-code apps we provide and the processes they power, we continue to emphasize clean, quality data within the TrackVia solution. At the end of the day, we strive to put your data to work for you in an effort to help equip your company to make better decisions and thus to achieve even more success.

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