TrackVia Tech Talk: Week of August 11


As usual there a many exciting developments in the tech community. Here are our favorite tech articles and stories of the week.

Top tech news

See the 6 things that Entrepreneur says you need to know about the Bring Your Own Application phenomenon, and why some think it’s a security threat and IT nightmare (spoiler alert: we think they’re wrong). 

Insight from Forbes on how to choose whether BYOD or CYOD is better for your business, and why companies are finding there is a need for balance between productivity and security.

What does consumerization really mean and why does it matter? InfoWorld has released a white paper with a practical guide to understanding and benefitting from the consumerization of IT.

BYOD is becoming the norm, as the use of personal devices for work continues to expand, but it’s not without its challenges. See how ITWeb says you can confront those challenges.

BYOD in higher education? Bringing devices to class has become popular among college students, but do the negative effects outweigh the positives? Dell’s Tech Page One discusses the pitfalls.

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