TrackVia Tech Talk: Week of July 28


There’s a lot going in the tech world with shadow IT, BYOA and BYOD for the week of July 28.

Best of tech in the news…

It’s usually the CIOs who worry about the risks of shadow IT. But David Weldon at Fierce CIO has uncovered that it’s actually the CIOs who are creating the trend at their corporation – the result of tight IT budgets and new business initiatives. 

We discovered a different take on the BYOA trend this week with a story about Bring-Your-Own-Authentication. While user name and password authentication remains a cyber-security problem for IT departments and end users, authentication might be a new frontier for tech startups and VC. Jon Olstik explains in this NetworkWorld article.

As the BYOD trend continues across enterprises, IT needs to strike the balance between network security and employee productivity. Matt Nelson of Inside Counsel walks through the legal and financial risks.

As college students head back to classes this fall, their IT departments are looking at how the BYOD developments are affecting their colleges and universities. Each student is bringing an average of three to five devices that connects to the network, not to mention how many personal devices the faculty is bringing. This Huffington Post article looks at the implications of BYOD on college campuses.

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