TrackVia Tech Talk: Week of August 4


As we enter the last month of Summer, journalists continue to share tech news about the consumerization of IT, BYOD, BYOA and mobile in the enterprise. Here are a few of the highlights:

Can there still be privacy with BYOD? BYOD is a big trend in corporate America, in part as the control of company technology shifts to employees. App Tech News discusses the concerns employees face with BYOD, in particular privacy.

Michael Hickins of Oracle discussed why business customers should fear the ‘consumerization’ of IT movement in a Forbes’ Brand Voice section.

Are you developing a BYOD program for your business? eWeek highlights 10 things to think about before developing a BYOD program.

Ryan Faas of CITEWorld discussed what makes enterprise mobility strategies – i.e. BYOD – successful.

Are IT managers finally seeing a “light at the end of the tunnel” in the BYOD movement? Check out this article from FierceContentManagement.

As security concerns around BYOD programs grow, employers and employees rethink their options. Business 2 Community discussed CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) — another option enterprises are looking into when it comes to their mobility programs and if it will minimize their risks.

Are you trying to get control of shadow IT in your enterprise? Scott Koegler of Tech Page One shares seven suggestions that help you learn the risks and best practices, while meeting the employees needs.

John Cox of NetworkWorld writes on a recent LinkedIn survey that enterprise mobility is still in the early stages of development. Read what percentage of IT professionals surveyed say they are ready for BYOD and the challenges they will face implementing it.

Jim Casey of App Tech News provides his opinion on a recent article by an employee from Cognisec, discussing an alternative BYOD solution that is more advanced than the other familiar solutions available.

We’ll share more of our favorite articles next week, so keep checking back for more, and make sure to comment below or tweet us @trackvia and weigh in.