TrackVia Tech Talk: 07/11/14


The consumerization of IT continues to evolve across the enterprise in the forms of BYOA, BYOD, shadow IT and other trends. While the debate continues over how much IT should embrace this revolution, given the risks, there continues to be much discussion over the adoption of and direction these tech trends are taking.

Tech trends for the week of July 7

Technology journalist Ryan Faas of CITE World walks through the risks of shadow IT and the healthcare industry: “Like every other industry, healthcare has seen pockets of so-called shadow IT, where employees frustrated with inefficient or poorly designed workplace technologies take matters into their own hands and develop their own solutions using a combination of personal devices, apps, and cloud services. Unlike most other industries, however, healthcare is highly regulated and breaches can have significant consequences.”  Read the article.

If you’re getting caught up on the Shadow IT trends, check out this paper from Frost & Sullivan and MacAfee.

BYOD continues to dominate the enterprise and Frost & Sullivan predicts tablets may bridge the mobile gap in the United States and Europe. Read about it in Mobile Enterprise.

Consumerization of IT often means building your own tools and software to handle specific workflow issues. These custom solutions offer employees a way to design a software solution that works with existing databases or system processes. Kevin Conroy of CMSWire looks at the user experience of some of these custom applications. Read the article.

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