TrackVia Forms Make Managing Workflows Even Easier


We’re making TrackVia forms easier to use! We are excited to announce our new “Show/Hide” feature, which allows you to break up large, complex forms and workflows—showing your users only what they need to see, when they need to see it.

This new feature is one of many we’ve developed aimed at not only optimizing your users’ experience in our system but also making TrackVia a more powerful and robust tool for managing your enterprise work. To deliver on our promise of enabling you to truly streamline all of your unique operational workflows, we know that our system must be easily configured to support and elevate the way that your employees accomplish their work. In this case, we know that for timely and accurate data to be acquired throughout all of the stages of your complex and critical processes, entering information along the way should be simple and intuitive for your employees.

Introducing “Show/Hide” for TrackVia Forms

While most of our clients use TrackVia to streamline their critical and complex operations, such as quality control, field service and inspections, inventory management, and the like, we’ll use a simple example to explain how this new feature works. Let’s assume you have a vacation request workflow you’re building with a simple approval step. 

trackvia_forms_1If for some reason the vacation request is not approved, you want the approver to give a reason why the request was denied.

trackvia_forms_2With the “Show/Hide” feature for TrackVia forms, we’ve made it incredibly easy to set your form up, so the ‘Reason’ field only shows when you choose ‘No’ for your approval. Doing this allows you to optimize your forms considerably, making them easier to use and faster to fill out.

And since we knew you’d ask, the “Show/Hide” feature also works on mobile TrackVia forms. Here’s what the above scenario looks like in both scenarios depending on whether the vacation is approved or not.


As you can see in the above image if the answer is ‘Yes’, we won’t show the ‘Reason’ box. If the answer is ‘No’, we show the ‘Reason’ box and make sure they explain why!

We are really excited for you to try out our “Show/Hide” feature on your TrackVia forms. If you’d like more detail on how to set up or leverage this new feature, please visit our support site at

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