Why SMEs Can (And Should) Trust the Cloud


We are living in hyper times. The world is concerned with hyper-fast access to information, hyper productivity, accelerated results and hyper security. And cloud computing has been no exception. But these days the ubiquity of the cloud is overshadowed only by our concerns over its security. Data breaches and naked pictures have us all running around, flapping our arms—hyper-concerned.

Since its inception in the 1990s, the cloud has evolved and is quickly becoming the standard for data storage in our digital world. According to Gartner, 10% of IT security enterprise product capabilities will be dispatched in the cloud by 2015. In turn, the global cloud data security market is expected to reach $4.2 billion by 2016.

Which is to say, cloud security is and will be a high priority. And for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), the cloud is the most secure place of all for data. Trust the cloud! Here’s why…

The Offsite, In-house, Security Specialist

A small business selling goods, training, or services is likely filled with some pretty smart people. But are they smart enough to serve as an in-house cloud security expert? Probably not.

A cloud computing service provider eats, sleeps and breaths cloud computing security — their business relies on it. They aren’t distracted by sales reports, and they spend all day delivering security solutions and staying up to date on the latest developments. Let them be your guide and on-call expert.

Want to Save Time and Money?

Of course you do! The in-house IT guru within an SME is not so much a specialist but rather a jack-of-all-trades. Depending on the size of your organization you may have just one person to manage your systems, provide user support and implement new solutions. Ask yourself, does this person really have the time to become and cloud computing securities expert?

Not only will their learning curve cost time and money, it will take them off in-house tasks that facilitate day-to-day business functioning. With a cloud computing service provider, security is included in the monthly cost and they will make sure your data is backed up, locked up, and secured each and every night.

But what about all the threats?

It often feels like we are constantly surrounded by threats and danger but security breaches of the cloud, particularly for SMEs occur very infrequently. And though it seems like hackers are getting smarter, the open source nature of cloud computing means everyone is testing its limits all the time. When a solution is launched, a good service provider will test its reliability and implement security protocols where necessary. What’s more, many companies have created bounty programs, which encourage users to attempt to hack their systems exchanging discovered system weaknesses for cold hard cash.

Storage Facilities Aren’t Just Some Tech Guy’s Basement

With so many cloud computing service providers out there, it’s easy to conjure up images of your company’s precious information being stored in rickety old barn in Utah.

But fear not. Data storage facilities are the big banks of our time. Like the vaults filled with cash and gold in bowels of your bank, data storage facilities secure and guard data like it’s the cure for cancer. On-site there are cameras, gates, locks, vaults, and passwords. And the same is true for virtual information. A good service provider will also have a back up for the back up.

So rejoice, small businesses, in the inexpensive, highly adaptable and highly secure nature of cloud computing.