Managing a Multitude Projects & Workflows? Multi-Select to the Rescue!


“Move faster!” “Be more efficient!” “Get it done quicker!” We’re all constantly trying to get more done in less time.  When it comes to managing projects and workflows, the necessary process of logging and tracking progress along the way can seem tedious and time-consuming—preventing us from actually being able to move faster and be more efficient.  In this day and age, there must be a way that technology can help us speed up our work rather than slow us down; right? At TrackVia, we certainly think so.

Introducing Multi-Select:  A faster (and arguably better) option to adding records to your TrackVia application.  With Multi-Select, you’ll be able to manage many different types of workflows in a fraction of the time it used to take. For example, you can:

• Assign multiple employees to a project while filling out the project form
• Add multiple assets to a job in a fraction of the time
• Set up tasks for a project easily
• Insert asset tags to order line items
• Add skills to a candidate’s record
• Quickly check out multiple assets from inventory
• Associate multiple SOP’s to a project for reference

And the list goes on.  I’m sure many of you might be a bit confused right now, since these are all actions that you can already accomplish without Mutli-Select.  The main difference with Multi-Select is the speed, at which you can accomplish this task.

To illustrate the impact that Multi-Select can have, let’s look at a project management example where we are assigning multiple employees to a project.  

Without Multi-Select:

Users would have to add a project, then save their progress:

Project Management Workflow

Then after saving, they would be able to select the “add” icon on the child view, “assigned employees,” below.

TrackVia Multi-Select

Once the first person is selected, users would then need to select, “Save and add new,” in order to add the next person.  They would continue to repeat this process for each employee assigned to the project.  

With Multi-Select:

Although the first example process works and accomplishes the task of adding the proper project employees, the experience can be clunky and a bit time-consuming. With Multi-Select, users are now able to add the project as well as add employee assignments without needing to save their progress and navigate to new forms.

Now using the new Multi-Select feature, adding assignments is just another field on the projects form:

TrackVia Project Management Solution

As you can see, you can quickly select all assigned employees. From there, you can easily save both the project and all selections at the same time.

That’s all there is to it!  Multi-Select should help speed up your workflow and project data tracking processes. To learn more about how to set this new feature up, please visit to our Knowledge Base.

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