Are Your Password Policies Scary or Secure? Protect Yourself with TrackVia


Strict password policies are critical to ensuring the maximum security of enterprise systems and data. So you might be surprised (or maybe even borderline frightened) to learn that despite this fact, many users tend to default to using passwords that may leave the door wide open to potential security vulnerabilities. For example, could any of the users at your organization be using credentials on this list of Fortune Magazine’s all-time worst passwords?

If you’re answer to this question is “Yes,” or if you even suspect that this could be the case, it might be time to make a change! And we’re here to help.

TrackVia now allows you to set stricter password policies for your users. Since your enterprise data is critical to the success and viability of your business, we want to make it easier to protect by providing you with configurable password policy features and capabilities.

I doubt you need more convincing on why upgrading your password policies can be so important. But just in case you need more persuading on the subject, the below infographic might just be thing that gets you over the line.

Password Policy Infographic


Ready to get started? Go to “My Account” and under the “Security Policy” tab, you’ll find a brand new wonderland of password policy settings and IP whitelisting capabilities.

You can enable:
● Minimum character length
● Uppercase Letter
● Lowercase Letter
● A Number
● A Non-Alphanumeric Character such as (!@#$%^&*)
● An expiration of the password
● Prevent the re-use of previous passwords


If you’re an account administer, we highly encourage you to set up these new security and password policies the next time you log into your TrackVia application. Once you’ve upgraded your security settings and communicated the new password requirements with your team, you can rest assured that your applications, users and data are now even further protected and secure!

Have questions or want additional information about implementing this new feature? Please visit our Knowledge Base or contact our Customer Success team at

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