Low-code Platforms: The Light at the End of the Tunnel for Today’s Overloaded IT Departments


IT teams sure don’t have it easy these days, which is not good news for today’s organizations.

Here’s why: In order to for companies to keep pace with the current competitive and quickly evolving business environment, they must continuously iterate upon the way they do business as well as make agile decisions. This means the reliance on IT teams to rapidly develop, update and deliver solutions that support departmental work and enterprise operations is increasing at an unprecedented rate. No big deal, right? Well consider that: this newfound and increasing demand sits on top of all the other critical work that IT performs, such as security, maintenance, and the like.

So to put it simply: There is more work that needs to be done by IT than ever before. Unsurprisingly companies have seen the IT backlog increase by 29% in the last 18 months alone¹. If additional work alone wasn’t enough of a challenge, IT departments continue to face additional obstacles, which prevent them from keeping pace with the needs of the business. For example, there’s a considerable shortage of traditional IT and development talent in the market, with 88% of companies reporting that this is a critical issue for their organization². So there’s more work to be done and less people available to perform it. Like I mentioned earlier, IT doesn’t have it easy these days.

However, the folks that IT serves in their respective organizations don’t really have it much easier. They understand the criticality of having modern business applications and software in order to manage their crucial workflows, realizing that this will be key to remaining competitive in their respective industries. This is clearly demonstrated when you look to Gartner’s recent research, which tells us that in 2017, the demand for mobile applications will be 5 times greater than what IT can will be able to supply³.

This leaves business leaders and their teams forced to wait around for solutions, to use manual, inefficient tools, and to watch the digital era of business speed right past them. All the while, IT is working their tails off trying to do more with less and enable their organizations for success, (often unsuccessfully).

I know, the situation I’ve just outlined sounds pretty bleak. You might be wondering, “Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?”

I’m happy to tell you that, indeed, there is. In fact, top performing organizations are looking to low-code, easy-to-use technology to bridge the gap and solve this problem. This new breed of technology enables IT teams, and even line of business users, to quickly and easily deliver web and mobile applications that streamline current and new workflows in order to accelerate business improvement and performance.

Doesn’t sound half bad, right? Are you interested in learning more?
If so, be sure to attend our webinar on November 10th 2016 at 1 p.m. ET, presented by Aberdeen Group’s Vice President and Research Group Director Nick Castellina! Nick will discuss how your organization can enable its employees to more quickly and easily implement workflow solutions that lead to improved execution and increased competitiveness. Among other topics, attend this webinar to learn:

• The challenges that IT and the line of business face today when it comes to implementing and executing innovative workflows.
• The top ways to overcome traditional barriers to accelerating your enterprise speed to solution.
• The technology that top performing organizations implement to support business change and enhance corporate agility.
• The capabilities that are enabled through low-code technology and tips for how you can get started.
• The business benefits that organizations leveraging these solutions have been able to derive.

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