TrackVia Quick Filters: New ‘Apply’ Button


You may have noticed a small change to TrackVia quick filters—the modal now has an ‘APPLY’ button. Now, after you build your filter conditions you need to click on the ‘Apply’ button for your results to be filtered. Why did we make the change, you ask?

TrackVia quick filters enhanced

Believe it or not, this is a performance enhancement. You see, TrackVia quick filters have become very popular with our customers, especially those of you with large sets of data.trackvia_quick_filters_apply_button-2

Before we put in the ‘Apply’ button, the quick filters would update data on the fly, which meant that we would make several database requests in rapid succession while the you were building out your filter criteria. Think of a small child on a road trip asking, “Are we there yet?” in rapid succession. The benefit to the person building the filter was simple—without having to press an ‘Apply’ button, the results would come back faster, and filtering data would feel more seamless. We thought this was a pretty cool user experience, as the data would filter itself as you were working with it.

Then reality kicked in, and your filters became more complicated, and the data sets got larger. “Are we there yet?” questions quickly turned into “If you take I-25 on a Tuesday, during rush hour with six inches of fresh snow and everyone has underinflated tires, will we arrive on time?” The system started burning extra CPU cycles to handle the more frequent, complicated requests.

So, long story short, by providing you with an ‘Apply’ button, we will reduce the frequency of these complicated requests, thereby giving everyone a better, more responsive experience.

Personally, I think we can get back to not using an ‘Apply’ button on the TrackVia quick filters modal in the future. Our team has ideas for how to improve the management of these requests, but they need more thought and careful study before implementing. So for now, please press the ‘Apply’ button after building your filter.

Have a question about TrackVia quick filters? You can reach our Customer Success team by emailing, by tweeting @trackviasupport, or by calling us at 800-673-3302.


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