Mobile Apps Are King! Are You Utilizing Them?

Mobile Apps for Business

As announced in our Winter 2019 Product Launch, TrackVia has made significant improvements to our iOS mobile app. Why the strong investment in mobile?

Worldwide smartphone web traffic surpassed desktop web traffic back in 2015. Today, smartphones and tablets account for nearly 60% of all web traffic and 14 million jobs rely directly on these mobile devices according to the GSMA The Mobile Economy 2019 report. Of course, the success of jobs relying on mobile devices lays heavily on the applications used for each job function. For example, businesses with unique processes that depend on consistent and accurate data collection from their field operators need to provide their users with easy-to-use data collection apps.

For mobile apps custom-built for a company’s unique processes, development once required expensive in-house resources or working with a development agency. You also had to decide on which platform to allocate your resources — or face steep costs to build iOS and Android platforms. Today, with the development of low-code application development platforms, a custom app is much more accessible to a far wider range of businesses than ever before. You no longer need to decide between build versus buy, you now get to easily buy and then build custom apps!

If you’re semi- or non-technical, a low-code development platform may be the best way for you to get the business process apps you need on your platform of choice, without breaking the bank. Low-code platforms that provide native, out-of-the-box mobile capabilities are enabling business developers to easily create mobile apps through a web interface. No additional coding or deployment needed! Users will simply log in and POW! The mobile app is ready for them to use.

In the 10+ years that the iOS App Store has been out, there have been some radical shifts in the user experience of application design. Designers and developers have a much better understanding of how people use mobile apps and what works on the small screen. Consumer apps have been on the forefront of this shift, and users are demanding that their business apps provide the same easy-to-use, friendly user interface that they see in their everyday personal apps. That’s why it’s imperative that your low-code application platform not only makes it easy for you to build and launch a mobile app to your end users, but that the resulting mobile app has that same smooth look and feel that is expected.

You may have seen in our Winter 2019 Product Launch announcement that we have rebuilt our iOS app with a brand new interface and application architecture. Not only does your business get to leverage the build and buy paradigm as well as instant mobile ability, but your iOS users now have an even faster- and easier-to-use experience on their mobile device.

With our Winter 2019 Product Launch, we also included whitelabeling capabilities with Branded Mobile Apps. So now when you build an app, you can showcase a consistent brand experience to your users and deploy your custom TrackVia app through your own app store page, on both iOS and Android.

Mobile is now king. It’s time to leverage a low-code platform to build a great mobile app and reap all the business benefits. How are you planning to use mobile to disrupt your business and meet employee demands?

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