In an Era Where Speed is King, Low-Code Workflow Technology is Your Company’s Ace


Want to listen to a song? Play it immediately on Spotify. Perhaps you need new socks? Amazon can deliver them in a day. Or maybe you need to meet with a coworker located far away? With ReadyTalk, instant face-to-face video collaboration is a click away. It’s clear that consumers, across B2B and B2C markets, simply have come to expect near-immediate, if not, instant gratification from businesses. Due to this reality, organizational speed, fueled by technology, has become king.

Which means: for today’s organizations, embracing the digital revolution is no longer a choice; it’s an imperative for remaining competitive. But operating at the pace of the digital era demands looking beyond leveraging technology to only improve client-facing interactions. Rather, it means seeking to digitally transform your overall operations. As such, more and more enterprise organizations are looking to integrate technology with all their interconnected and complex workflows and processes, which comprise their overall operations.

Faced with resource-constrained IT departments or legacy software solutions that have proven to be too slow to implement or change, many companies are turning to a new breed of low-code technology, which promises to make it easy to accelerate their ability to digitally improve upon their operations and thus to deliver their products and services at the pace demanded by their market and customers.

With the help of low-code workflow app platforms, organizations can now deliver enterprise-grade, fully integrated web and mobile applications that digitize and streamline their operations in a matter of weeks. This next generation of low-code workflow technology, like TrackVia, enables users, across IT departments and business units alike, to rapidly create and deploy fully customized workflow applications without the need for traditional programming.

Instead they can rely on using drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive tools that can easily add sophisticated logic to the system. Ongoing changes to low-code applications can be made with the same speed—allowing your workflow technology to easily and quickly evolve alongside your ever-changing processes and operations.

Intrigued? Read the article, “Redefining Low-code Workflow Software,” featured on the cover of most recent issue CIO Review Magazine and authored by TrackVia’s CEO, Pete Khanna, to learn more about how today’s organizations and IT teams are leveraging and reaping significant benefits from this new, low-code approach to workflow technology.

For specific information about how TrackVia’s low-code workflow app platform can deliver rapid digital value to your enterprise and enable your organization to accelerate its operational speed, please visit our website.

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