Keep Data Security at Your Fingertips with TrackVia


At the core of every organization, and thus of each TrackVia application, is data. This data drives your business, forms the basis of your operational processes and workflows, helps you make decisions, and sometimes becomes the very “secret sauce” that allows you to differentiate your company from your competitors.

As such, you may want to maximize the security and control over the access to your data or your company’s “special sauce.” While maybe not quite to the same extent as some companies, protecting your proprietary data is likely a priority at your organization. This is one of the reasons that we architected TrackVia the way we did. We want to ensure that you can implement strict controls over what data people can have access to and how they can interact with it.

Today, we’re introducing an additional level of security with customizable session timeouts. With session timeouts, you can now make sure that any device left idle, be it a laptop, phone or tablet, will lock the screen after a certain period of inactivity that you define and control.

But we couldn’t stop at adding even more customization to our product; we just “had” to add in something unique to our data security feature-set… As unique as a fingerprint, in fact! In our native mobile apps, we’ve integrated our Session Timeout feature with the native fingerprint readers on iOS and Android devices. This means that when your session times out, all you’ll need is your fingerprint to get you right back to where you left off in the app.

Session timeouts are incredibly easy to set up and customize. And this feature provides an extra level of protection for all users in your account, even those who use the app while offline. This means that if one of your users accidentally leaves their smartphone somewhere-we-can’t-seem-to-remember-for-the-lives-of-us or just their computer in an open space, you can remain in control and rest assured that your data will always be protected and secure.

Would you like more information or want to see how you can implement this functionality in your app? Head over to our Knowledge Base, where you can watch a demo video and access an in-depth feature overview.

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