TrackVia aims to help businesses navigate this rapidly changing software landscape, so we set out to develop a series of small reports that will shed light on the current state of internal business application development.

Today, we are excited to be launching the first of those reports, with the release of “IT’s Struggle to Keep Pace with the Speed of Business,” available for download now. 

In a world where the pace of contemporary business is increasingly demanding, software development simply can’t keep pace, and IT teams are struggling to deliver organizations with the effective and scalable tools they need. Software is either being delivered too slowly to keep up with the demands of businesses, or it is being developed quickly but poorly—often lacking in security as a result. Neither of these scenarios set today’s companies up for success.

Sure, some companies are turning to point solutions or legacy technologies, which may address some of these issues. But many of these alternatives can’t be modified quickly enough to respond to evolving operations. Worse, often they don’t meet the unique needs of businesses, leading to an increasing usage of outside applications and even further security concerns.

So how can you know if this report will help you identify and address the unique challenges you’re facing? Well we’ve created a handy checklist. So, if any of the following questions resonates with you, this report is designed to help you navigate a complex software and application landscape and effectively combat the challenges that come with it.

  • The growth of your business is increasing quickly?
  • Struggling to develop software fast enough?
  • Use a large or an increasing number of applications to drive your business?
  • Using BYOD and BYOA policies with your employees?
  • Your employees are using outside software and applications, with or without permission?
  • Waiting too long for access to software that helps support your work?
  • Concerned about the security of your applications and data?
  • Feel that there is a shortage of good IT talent?
  • Dealing with an IT backlog?
  • Think your businesses’ software or applications are too outdated?

To read our full report on the pace of business or for more information, click here.

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