The Internet of Things & Mobile: Quality Management’s BIG Opportunity


Do you wear a fitness bracelet or Fitbit? Perhaps you count your daily steps or physical activity using some sort of technology that combines the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) with your mobile device? If not, I’m sure that you know someone that does, as tracking one’s health data has become a popular trend over the last few years. When it comes to the type of data we measure with devices like fitness bracelets or other activity-tracking wearables, the benefits of leveraging technology to gather data, analyze it and then be able to act on it are clear: most people are driven to make healthier decisions based on the information that these technologies provide.

With this example in mind, it seems that we know the value of using emerging technologies and trends, such as mobile and IoT, to gather and analyze data with the aim of acting on it in our personal lives. But is this approach applied at most organizations when it comes to using quality data in a manufacturing environment? Are quality professionals using mobile-, cloud-, or IoT-based technologies to gather data as it is produced, so it can be immediately analyzed to drive intelligent actions?

Internet of Things gives quality management the edge

A large majority of companies* still use manual or paper-based methods to collect production, quality control and inspection data. But what if quality management professionals could digitize these processes and ditch their paper checklists and overly complex spreadsheets? What if instead of relying on these manual processes they could tap into nascent technological trends, like mobile, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, and leverage technology to acquire quality data, analyze it in real time and therefore drive proactive decision making? We think the results could be huge! And our colleagues at LNS Research agree—confirming that it could instantly maximize the value of quality management systems at today’s organizations. In fact, their Principal Analyst, Matthew Littlefield will be presenting a free webinar on the topic on November 18th at 1:00 p.m. ET.

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*Eliminate the Paper: How Best-in-Class Manufacturers Improve Quality Performance, Aberdeen 2015