Road Report: Purposeful Innovation Proves Powerful

Manufacturing Technology

Last week, I attended the 2019 Manufacturing and Technology Conference in Pittsburgh. The conference is a 1-stop shop for manufacturing decision makers — from design to delivery — to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. During the conference, leaders in the industry offered innovative ideas, compelling insights, and effective strategies to improve operations.

Manufacturing and Technology Conference

One of the speaker sessions that I attended was by Dr. Srinivas Veeramasuneni, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of USG Corporation. During his presentation titled Purposeful Innovation: Innovating Efficiently, Cost-Effectively, and Profitably, he talked about innovation in the manufacturing industry and how, at times, it can feel like a race to the next “big idea” or “breakthrough.” But, if these innovations come at the cost of draining resources or other means, they might not be what is right for your business.

This led him to a term he calls, purposeful innovation.

Purposeful innovation is a disciplined approach to research and development—one that yields value-driven, profitable, and innovative solutions in the most efficient way possible.

First, start with finding a real problem to solve, something that is causing systemic pain in your organization. At TrackVia, we refer to that as a critical business problem. A problem that, if left unsolved, could be harmful to your business. Second, build a team that can help you brainstorm and evaluate solutions. In most operations, it takes a village to get momentum for change, and there are a lot of key stakeholders who can offer different insight and perspective into how to best solve a problem. The third step is the one that I think is most important, and probably the step that is most often missed.

Find as many different ways to solve the problem as you can.

Don’t just have an idea – have tons of ideas and then push and pull them in different directions to see if they might actually work. At TrackVia, we welcome the challenge of proving to you that we are the best fit for solving your most critical business problem. We want you to be critical and inquisitive when looking at our low-code software platform. Most of our customers start with one to two applications. As they prove out the solution internally, they expand use cases on an average of five. Watch or read how this Fortune 500 apparel manufacturer got started with TrackVia, then leveraged the platform to build more than 25 low-code applications across its portfolio.

The final step of purposeful innovation is building your business case, which boils down to how well you completed the first step of this process. By finding and deciding to solve a critical business problem, you are already halfway to building a solid case. The other half can be a little trickier. However, at TrackVia, we have an awesome team to work with you to build out a business case. Using a quad chat method, we do a deep dive into what the root cause of the problem is, decide what technological capabilities that you need to completely solve the problem, and most importantly, map out what the value of solving this problem would bring. After all, if there’s no value in fixing it, was it ever really a problem?

Innovation in any business is crucial to survive. But when that innovation is paired with purpose, that’s when real obstacles are overcome.

Do you have a critical business problem in your organization that TrackVia could help solve? I would love to hear about it.

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