Data Guys Digitize to Demolish Risk, Bulldoze the Competition

One of the ways I like to define myself is I’m a “data guy.” I love playing with data and seeing what it can tell me. Yes, I’m “that” guy who wanted every piece of data I could get my hands on to best steer the business. And, it paid off when I started Bosk Enterprises from a cold start and then sold it to Casey Industrial nine years later where I became the CEO and major owner. We always prided ourselves on achieving at least double the ROI of our industry.

When TrackVia asked me to advise on the construction industry, I recalled the time at Casey Industrial when we committed to digitize a major part of our field records keeping within a year. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition through speed, quality, and service. And, we needed to proactively manage risks out of the business. For the initiative, I had two rules:

1) collect the data at the ‘Point of Sale’ where it’s being created
2) a human touches the data only one time

At the end of the day, we digitized time-keeping, change order process, and daily reports, though it took a little longer because we had to develop several new tools to accomplish the goals. But, I was never satisfied; there were so many parts of the business that could be digitized and automated to get my “data fix.” At the time, my COO Troy Jones would say, “Bart, it’s just too expensive to get the data. We’ll have our people doing nothing but keeping track of things and not installing if we try to get everything you want.”

I wish I had known about operational workflow platform like TrackVia then. I could have digitized nearly every aspect of the business — data collection and workflows — to better analyze the data, and ultimately go even faster and make even better decisions.

But, you can do this for your business now. In their latest white paper, TrackVia discusses how you can demolish risk and make it worthwhile. Plus, I think you’ll just bulldoze the competition with all this insight. Let me know how you’re using data and digitizing your business to drive growth.

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