Road Report: Constructing the Case for Digitization

Advancing Construction Technology

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Advancing Construction Technology conference in Chicago. While I’m not an expert, I’ve been learning a thing or two lately about the construction industry so I was excited to see all the new, innovative technologies on display. In preparation for the show, I set some goals for my time at the conference.

My first goal — understand more about the challenges the construction industry is facing when it comes to digitization. At a roundtable discussion, I spoke with several attendees about the challenge of maintaining internet connectivity on the job site. This basic detail prevented companies from going digital in the field. It was great to share that TrackVia had thought of this by incorporating offline mobile capability into its platform.

Additional digitization challenges at the forefront were end-user adoption, building a business case, and measuring the ROI. With the margins so thin in the construction industry, they needed to show digitization could drive top and bottom line results. This was case with our customer KS Industries, which significantly improved their margins by automating field operations.

My second goal — share customer stories with attendees about how gaining speed, control, and visibility can improve their operations. To showcase this, TrackVia solutions architect Brandon Gill shared how our customer, Cascade.Build, grew its business 520% over the last 5 years by automating several processes with TrackVia. This story really lit up the crowd with new ideas about creating a data ecosystem instead of relying on a variety of different point solutions, and the power that comes from un-siloing your data.

Constructing Technology

With respect to point solutions, there seem to be so many software choices out there for construction — construction management, project management, time tracking, incident management, and daily site notes to name just a few. Honestly, I don’t know if TrackVia is right for your business, but I do know that point solutions may only accomplish 70% of what is needed in your business.

This was the issue our customer RP Construction Services (RPCS) ran into with point solutions — none of them did exactly what they needed, there were either too many features or not enough functionality, and would require extensive integrations to connect all these tools together. That’s why RPCS selected the TrackVia platform — one platform that could be customized according to its unique workflows, multiple use cases, and requirements.

During the conference, many people also mentioned that their legacy systems were getting in the way of going digital, particularly silo-ing data and inability to go mobile in the field. That’s why TrackVia looks to extend that legacy system and un-silo that data.

I’m curious to hear about the challenges you might be facing with digitizing your firm and how you might be overcoming them?


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