Businesses Moving Sensitive Data to the Cloud


Companies are moving sensitive data to the cloud in order to promote efficiency and accessibility, even if there is still some hesitation because of possible security concerns, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute.

The study found that about half of IT and security respondents said their companies use cloud technology to store sensitive information, even though their approaches to securing the information fell on a fairly large spectrum.

The breakdown of where their information was encrypted is as follows: 38 percent said they secured their info as it was transferred, another 38 percent stated that their datatables were encrypted once they were uploaded to the server either by themselves or by their provider, 35 percent reported their data was encrypted before transmission and 16 percent said only the application layer was protected.

Whatever a business’ approach, it is clear that more companies are moving to the cloud even when it comes to datatables that they absolutely need to keep safe. One-third of respondents who claimed that vital information was not currently housed in a cloud environment believed their companies were moving in that direction. It seems that the benefits of storing a custom online database online, even when it contains sensitive information, are outweighing the risks in the minds of CIOs.

Ponemon found that, even after a cloud implementation, executives were a little more wary of possible breaches or data losses than they were with an in-house solution. This hesitation, however, may be pinned down to the cloud still being viewed as a developing resource. With anecdotal evidence popping up all over the web, executives may indeed be cautious, but it appears it isn’t stopping them from utilizing what the cloud has to offer.

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