Biometric Authentication Meets Low-code Technology in TrackVia


You know what I hate about my phone?


Especially when it comes to passwords. I don’t have a problem with keeping track of my passwords themselves; I just have a really hard time typing them into my phone without one small typo that throws everything off and forces me to start over.

And it seems that I’m not alone; everyone I ask feels similarly. So knowing that typing in passwords when using your TrackVia app might be taxing for you and your users, we decided to provide you with an easier, faster option.

Enter: Biometric authentication. (Try saying that 10 times quickly.) 

Biometric authentication is just a fancy name for, “logging into a system using something physically unique to you, which serves as your password.” You’ve seen this type of authentication before: think retinal scans in movies (a la Minority Report), facial recognition in Facebook, voice identification, and the like. Whether or not you may realize it: there are also simpler versions of biometric authentication that you likely use everyday, such as Apple’s Touch ID or Android’s Fingerprint Authentication, which allows you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint.Biometric Authentication Technology

If your phone supports Touch ID and Session Timeouts are enabled in your account, you can take advantage this new TrackVia functionality. This means that you will no longer have to type passwords onto your phone or tablet in order to log into TrackVia. Instead using biometric authentication, you simply will need to provide your fingerprint to gain access into your TrackVia mobile app. Additionally if your session has timed out, you’ll taken right back to the spot where you left off. Pretty cool. Right?

TrackVia Biometric Authentication

If you would you like more information on this new enhancement, check out our Session Timeout documentation to see it all working together or get in touch with our Customer Success team at

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