SMBs Benefit from Virtualization and BYOD


A recent article for TechNewsWorld stated that while the cloud is sometimes characterized as dangerous for network security, the same cloud network dynamics produce different results for smaller organizations and large enterprises.

“If you’re a technology professional in a small or mid-sized business, chances are pretty good that information security is something you’ve had on your radar for quite a while now,” contributor Ed Moyle wrote for TechNewsWorld. “As [we] all know, SMBs usually don’t have the luxury of an expansive technology budget that would allow for extensive resource specialization, meaning only rarely is there budget for dedicated information security staff.”

Moyle indicated that due to recent changes in how enterprises utilize IT services, certain challenging areas are becoming easier for SMBs to navigate. Specific changes in enterprise behavior included an increased adoption of the cloud, virtualization expansion and the rise of BYOD.

For cloud adoption, the source reported that SMBs often run into difficulties when multiple cloud technologies are employed at the same time. However, by working with enterprise software vendors who simplify cloud-related processes into a convenient cloud database, an SMB can reap the benefits of cloud utilization for its online database without security complications that can make adoption such a challenge.

Moyle also explored the benefits of proper virtualization technology and BYOD management for SMBs. A recent survey from Globo, a business software and service provider, showed that roughly 91 percent of employees are not aware of their company’s BYOD policies. SMBs have a leg up on larger enterprises when it comes to managing BYOD, as a more compact workforce allows for easier communication of policies as well as for simplified management.


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