Mobile Device Database Software in High Demand


Companies may want to make their online databases accessible across all devices, as small business employees and owners alike have reported benefits to enterprise mobility.

“Small business users consider productivity and business apps on mobile devices to be game changers that make them more efficient and competitive,” said CDW’s Jill Billhorn. “They want still more apps to help them manage unique aspects of their businesses, and the prospect is for dramatic growth in tablet use.”

A recent CDW report found that nearly 90 percent of small business employees are allowed to use personal mobile devices for work, with 94 percent of respondents saying laptops, tablets and smartphones enhanced productivity. In addition, the survey found that mobile capabilities made communication with both customers and fellow employees easier.

A separate report by Xero and Zogby found that small business owners shared the positive sentiment regarding mobile software for work. Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they have apps dedicated to business-related functions, while half expressed interest in acquiring mobile-based software to help with accounting.

In addition, 58 percent listed efficiency as an advantage, largely because mobile apps provide newly expanded access to enterprise servers. Nearly half of small business owners admitted they check company finances during vacation, and 30 percent of respondents multitask when watching TV. Fifteen percent use mobile apps during their commute, while 18 percent do so when they’re out to eat or at the bar.


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