Mobile BI a Top Priority for CIOs


Security has played the role of primary inhibitor to cloud adoption for some time, but some of those traditional concerns may be falling to the wayside as technology professionals see value in new technology. A recent CIO Magazine survey found a growing confidence and curiosity in mobile and cloud technology, particularly in the area of business intelligence.

Forty-eight percent of survey respondents expected IT spending to increase within their organization, while only 13 percent predicted IT budget cuts. The survey showed an interesting shift in priorities, as 35 percent of respondents cited business process innovation as a key motivation for the growth in spending. Traditional cloud goals such as operational cost reduction were still among the top-cited advantages. However, with only 18 percent of respondents noting cost efficiency, it is clear that corporate decision makers are starting to focus on aligning the technology more closely with other strategic business goals.

Barr Snyderwine, CIO of event management company Hargrove, told CIO the company is developing a custom application for its mobile client base. Snyderwine noted the advantage of cloud business intelligence apps for building positive customer experiences.

Creating a better customer experience may be the ultimate goal behind many technological shifts in recent years, as Forbes contributor Louis Columbus recently noted.

“By excelling at the orchestration of analytics, cloud and mobile, enterprises can differentiate where it matters most – by delivering an excellent customer experience,” Columbus wrote. “Mobility can emerge as an enterprise Trojan Horse because it unleashes accuracy, precision and speed into customer-facing processes that larger, complacent competitors may have overlooked.”


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