Gartner & IDC Name “Consumerization of IT” Among Top 2013 Trends


Gartner revealed its predictions for 2013 IT trends in a recent release. Gartner analysts indicated that there are significant, fundamental changes occurring in the enterprise, driven by evolutions in social networking, mobile communications and cloud computing.

“Most industries will face massive changes during the period from 2013 through 2015,” Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, a Gartner vice president and analyst, said. “These changes will force fundamental shifts in business processes that will, in turn, further reshape those industries. The social commons, mobile communications, cloud computing and information will be especially important factors in driving even greater industry transformation, challenging existing business models and processes and opening up greater competitive and other threats.”

One prediction outlined by Gartner is that through the end of 2014, enterprise software spend will increase 25 percent from where it is today. The proliferation of smart operational technology is attributed as the cause of this development.

In the International Data Corporation’s recent report outlining its predictions for 2013, the main focus was put on “competing on the 3rd platform.” The source indicated that consumerization of IT is being driven by the substantial expansion of BYOD initiatives. IDC predicts that it will continue to become clearer that consumerization isn’t only about end user devices, and rather, that it is about many core components of enterprise IT.

These technology trends will continue to drive enterprises to seek services that allow them to undertake custom application and online database initiatives so that workers can use their devices of choice on an anytime, anywhere basis.


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