Cloud Computing Opening Doors for BYOD Practices


When companies began to move their online databases to the cloud, executives probably anticipated huge cost savings and improved worker efficiency. However, they likely did not predict the amount of bring your own device initiatives the cloud would produce.

“We’re actually hearing from our own customers, during the interview process, where potential employees are asking what kind of device they will be able to use to access the network,” Absolute Software’s Stephen Midgley told BBC News.

Research by Avande found that 88 percent of executives said employees were using individual devices for work-related reasons, according to BBC News. The survey polled business leaders in 17 different countries.

BYOD strategies offer employees the chance to do work after leaving the office, or from home altogether. With these practices becoming more frequent, the pressure is on companies to implement effective BYOD policies.

“At the heart of any MDM or BYOD implementation is the policy,” Jaynean Leaupepe, business development manager at Observatory Crest, told Reseller News. “You have to be able to define what your end users want to do and only then can you help them achieve the desired results.”

The news source advocated training employees about security-conscious use of individual devices, like how to avoid opening malware or identify dangerous email. In addition, it suggested that companies limit what programs are available from personal devices and have secure logins.


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