2013 predictions for BI


Forrester recently released its top 10 business intelligence (BI) predictions for the upcoming year, with forecasts covering subject matter ranging from the best BI tools and strategies to trends in end user services and mobile BI, to the shift toward online databases and away from on-premise implementations.

One of Forrester’s predictions for 2013 is that data exploration will become a mainstay of business intelligence suites.

“Information workers will demand the ability to explore data without preconceived notions, specific questions, or fixed, prebuilt data models in mind,” wrote Boris Evelson for Forrester. “Put simply, the business demands the flexibility to explore data on its own terms – so expect solutions that support exploration and freeform information discovery to become the new bread and butter of BI suites.”

Based on this prediction, one could assume that out-of-the-box database software will give even more ground to custom online database solutions.

Another article, for Sysware Group, shared six BI predictions for 2013 from its senior business analyst Mike Kotlyar. Kotlyar anticipated the cloud will continue being touted as an excellent solution to reduce costs associated with hardware and allow better ease of access. However, Kotlyar maintained that in BI, cloud computing has yet to fully take off.

“Historically, there have been trade-offs in functionality with cloud-based BI solutions,” wrote Kotlyar. “Vendors that allow customers to leave data on premise while surfacing dashboards and reports in the cloud … might be striking the right balance.”


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