Quality Inspections: Go Mobile for Better Visibility & ROI


It’s time to change the game and start doing things better. This includes your shop floor or plant inspections and quality control checks and quality management software. You may be thinking that it is just too difficult to change a procedure that seems to be working. Or perhaps you haven’t been convinced that a change will result in a better return on your investment.

Is it time to reconsider mobile quality inspections?

Is your process really working the best it can for you? If you are relying on paper-based or manual processes for your quality inspections, you know this causes errors (and maybe even a few headaches!). Additionally, these processes require inordinate amounts of time and labor. First, people on the shop floor jot down their data using paper and clipboard. When they return to their desk, they then re-enter the data. Efficiency and speed are certainly not the primary hallmarks of this manual workflow. Neither is accuracy. Informed decision making remains just a goal.


When you introduce mobile technology to the equation, you can significantly change your quality control game. Using mobile quality and inspections applications, information is entered right on the shop floor into a mobile device and that information is instantly centralized and analyzed—giving you immediate visibility and actionable data across the organization. Suddenly, things change. Workflows that were once difficult to manage, now are streamlined. Collaboration improves. Informed decisions are made quickly. You are more competitive.

Mobile inspection and quality workflow applications—there’s a better way of doing things.

Interested in learning more about how to transform your quality inspections? Read our whitepaper, “Your Guide to Mobilizing Quality Inspections” to get facts and tips for success that will change the quality game at your organization.