The Top 4 Low-Cost Project Management Tools in 2013


Looking for a great project management tool to get organized this year? Look no further! Here is a list of the top four project management tools of 2013 that will make project management easy. The best part is they are all either low-cost or free.


Collabtive is a wonderful free software which is easy to install and to set up. It features projects, milestones, and tasks that you can create and monitor, as well as helping with time tracking and reporting. Collabtive can be updated and customized at no additional cost since the software itself is open source. You can hire a programmer to make updates if you are not tech savvy, but if you get tripped up, there is a free help forum to give you support. Plugins are also available to pay for that are valuable add-ons such as project templates, automatic time tracker, etc. Whatever your basic project management needs are, Collabtive is built to fit them.


Basecamp is a great project management tool for those who need something that is quick to set up and doesn’t need any advanced features. It is easy to get started with the new project templates feature and there is even a sample project to help first time users get oriented. Basecamp is not as strong with reminders and email notifications, but there is a mobile app to offer more flexibility. Start with a free trial for the first 60 days and then the price will only increase to $1 to $5 per day for continued use.

Central Desktop

Though Central Desktop is a more expensive option and does take a little longer to set up, this project management tool has a lot of power. With a clean interface, this tool carries the same features as Basecamp and even more advanced ones such as individual task lists and prioritizing tasks that can be scheduled and assigned to projects. Central Desktop also allows you to create spreadsheets and other documents within the tool; you can even save email conversations in the workspace. At $99 a month, Central Desktop is the one to pick if you are looking for the most power and the most additional options.


GQueues is a tool that is best for those who are looking to track tasks to meet their project management needs. With the tasks, you can specify your deadline more than other project management tools and share your task lists without them being re-edited by others. A great feature is that, even though it is not part of Google, GQueues can work with Google if you are already using Google apps. The tool boasts features such as to-do lists, Google Calendar integration, reminders, and sharing capabilities. You can start with a free two week trial and if GQueues is the right fit for you project management needs, you will only have to pay $25 a year to continue using the tool.