Is Your Email a Mess? Tips to Organize your Inbox


A disorganized inbox can lead to missed deadlines and meetings, dissatisfied clients and coworkers, and added overall stress. Managing your emails can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re receiving hundreds of emails a day. But if checking your email is one of the biggest sources of stress in your day, it might be time to try doing things differently. Don’t let your inbox overwhelm you and keep you from more important things. The key to a stress-free inbox is organization. Here are a few simple tips to organize your inbox, track your emails, and ultimately reduce the horror of opening up your email to an inbox that you can’t tackle without wanting to pull your hair out.

Delete the Unneeded and Unnecessary

Use your inbox for only new and important mail. An inbox is most effective when you clean it out, so delete those emails that you know you will never look at again. Then, file the emails you do want to keep into folders, which brings us to our next tip organize your inbox.

Organize Your Inbox with Folders, Folders, Folders

Organize your emails by creating folders for categories that make sense for you (Work, Personal, Bills, Bank, etc.). This will allow you to keep messages in your inbox until you have addressed or responded to them, and then you can move it to its correct folder, clearing it out of your inbox. By doing this, your inbox becomes your to-do list, with just the messages left that they still need your attention. This should also cut down on the time required to search for and find old emails.

And if organizing doesn’t come easy for you, there’s an app for that. Mailstrom makes it possible to achieve an inbox of zero, by helping you organize folders, unsubscribe (we’ll talk about that in a minute), and sort mail by importance all at once.

Filter the Clutter

Applying a filter to certain messages can help to organize your inbox. For those emails that you want to receive, but you know aren’t urgent, most email providers have the option to send certain emails to specific folders instead of going straight to your inbox. You can use this for things like autopay confirmations, news updates, and newsletters.

If you need help, Clear Context highlights your most important messages in your inbox and moves the less important messages into designated folders, and SaneBox filters your email to make only the most important messages show up in your inbox.

Unsubscribing Is Your Friend

We all get those emails that leave us thinking, “How did I even get on this list?” And one of the best methods to organize your inbox is to cut down on the number of emails you receive daily, and that means unsubscribing.

But this is often a time-consuming pain, especially when you are subscribed to dozens and dozens of mailing lists. Luckily, there’s help for that. allows you to sign into your email on their website and unsubscribe from all those mailing lists that no longer interest you in one swift motion.

Removing the worry of keeping track of your inbox frees up your time, and allows you to focus on tasks that will make you more efficient and productive. Do you have a favorite app that helps you organize your inbox? Comment below or tweet us at @trackvia and let us know.