Change management: How it relates to managing projects


Change management is defined as the management of change and development within a business or similar organization. This type of management provides structure processes and tools to make a change happen within an organization, and to make sure it is adopted and utilized by employees who have to do their jobs different as a result of the project. Change management is a great methodology to incorporate with project management of your current and future projects.

Both project and change management aim to deliver an intended result or outcome. Each function independently, but integrated the two can create a uniform approach to implementing change. If you do choose to integrate project management and change management there are several benefits that can come from this integration.

A great benefit is that it creates a shared objective where the efforts of both styles of management are focused on meeting that object. This will improve the performance of your team by successfully implementing a change that meets its objective. In addition, when you incorporate change management with project management steps, it becomes easier to manage change more proactively and you can identify risks easily and build commitment. Combining the two styles improves the flow of information to ensure impacted employees receive the right information and that the project team receives feedback on the adoption, use, and reaction to change.

Change management step by step

Integrating change management and project management is something that can easily be done if you know the correct steps to take. The first step to do when you are integrating change management and project management together is to start with a change management plan for a project that already has a plan. Then you can incorporate the change management activities that go along with the plan that is already in place.

The next step is to go through an overview of what change management is for the leadership and project management teams. Make sure the teams know the key concept and methodology of change management so there can be open communication across the board. You will also need to make sure that the manager of the change management plan is up to date on the progress of the project throughout the process.

The best way to make sure communication flows easily is to have regular meetings which include the change manager, the project teams, and the project managers to review the progress against the plan and raise any issues that you and your team may run into. Include change management progress updates in the project status report and your integration of the two styles of management will be much easier for you and your team.

It is important to recognize and communicate that change management is tied to the organization’s results and outcomes, just like project management. If you can effectively communicate change management and its methodology in conjunction with your project management plan that is already in place, you will successfully be able to use both styles to your advantage when new projects arise.