Not a morning person? 5 tips for a more productive morning


As much as we try to avoid procrastination, it’s how a lot of us actually start our day — hitting the snooze button, forgoing a morning workout, skipping breakfast. But the morning is a crucial time for productivity, so it’s important to establish a morning routine that helps set you up for a successful day. 

You don’t have to become a morning person overnight (or ever), but we’ve put together some helpful tips to make your morning your most productive time of the day. 

5 tips for a more productive morning

You snooze, you lose
While waking up earlier may seem like it would make your morning worse, it gives you more time to start your day and do so on your own terms. Start simple, give yourself 15 extra minutes to sit down to eat your breakfast before you rush off to work. Waking up feeling rushed and panicked sets the mood for the rest of the morning at work. By giving yourself a little time before heading to the office, you will feel more refreshed and focused and will be setting yourself up for a more productive morning. 

Morning exercise helps energize your body and wake you up, and has also been shown to make you more focused and creative throughout the day. By getting your workout done first thing in the morning, you can be sure that your daily distractions won’t prevent you from getting in your much needed exercise for the day. 

Prioritize your day
Start out every morning by making note of the important tasks you want to focus on for that day. It can even be a good idea to do this the day before when you’re wrapping up the day. Think about smaller tasks that need to be crossed off your list and bigger picture projects that you want to move forward. This process only takes a few minutes, but makes all the difference in the world. 

Get the dreaded out of the way
We all have one — something on our task list that we’ve been putting off because we just hate doing it. So save yourself the stress of procrastination and do that least desirable task first. Get it out of the way! The morning is a time when your energy levels are the highest, this is the perfect time to tackle that dreaded project.

Email is the enemy
Checking your email first thing when you wake up is always tempting, and you may think you’re being productive by checking in and getting some of your emails out of the way, but it can actually hurt you more than help you. Checking your email is reactive, not proactive. By checking your email in the morning, you are allowing your inbox to plan your agenda for the day. Instead, start your day with a pressing project, and you will get significantly more done than you would jumping from task to task on your email. 

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