4 Sneaky Ways to Improve Employee Productivity


As an employer, you dream rather idealistically that your employees will continuously be productive. When your employees aren’t as productive as you would like, you may be quick to jump to micromanagement in hopes of improving productivity. However, before jumping to this solution, take a moment to reflect inward. Have you examined your own management practices as a means of attaining your desired level of employee productivity?

If your employees are not working at full productive capacity, there are ways you can change your management approach to put employees in a more productive mindset. Below are 4 ways you can improve employee productivity without simply demanding, resulting in a more productive and positive workplace:

Respect employees as individuals

In addition to the job your employees do, they are also individuals. Respect is a huge motivator for many employees and makes them more likely to put in extra effort to help the company succeed. A lack of respect has the exact opposite effect and will cause your employees to be less willing to help the company, or anyone but themselves.

Don’t be emotionally skimpy

If you withhold praise and recognition when your employees deserve it, there is absolutely nothing to gain. Recognition, like respect, can be more powerful to induce productivity than monetary incentives. Take the time to give employees that pat on the back or call them out for their achievements at staff meetings. However you do it, you will be encouraging your employees to continue achieving success and in turn, they will be the productive employees you desire.

Avoid unnecessary rules

Your employees are not children, so don’t treat them like they are. Treat you employees like adults and don’t employ rules for every potential situation. Your employees should be able to solve their own problems and you should allow them to do so. If there is a recurring issue and more structure is required, then you can make more rules that align with the company culture.

Allow employees to work when they want to

Many employers are very suspicious of this one. Don’t think of it in extremes like letting employees come in and out whenever they please. However, some people are better working in the mornings whereas others excel in the evenings. If employees can be more productive working an earlier day or a later day, then why not let them work the hours they prefer to work. As long as they are putting in the time and doing good work, go ahead and let them alter their schedule.

Employee engagement matters when you are trying to boost productivity. As a manager, you are in a great position to find ways to improve employee productivity without them realizing your goal. The suggestions provided above will not only improve productivity, they will give you a better connection to your employees, and they will feel more motivated to go the extra mile for you and the company. This type of management may not be easy, but in the long run you will be grateful you took these steps.