Asset Tracking Apps: Do They Make You More Efficient?


Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve processes and maintain a competitive edge over the competition. There are many tools that can help you improve business processes and gain efficiencies, and an asset tracking application is a great place to start.

Asset tracking applications simplify processes, save money

Every business needs to have a clear idea of items on hand, including hardware and software. Asset tracking applications can help you take an inventory of what you have. In many businesses, locating assets can be a manual, time-consuming process and can lead to many errors—and your time is money! If you are making investments in technology and devices to make your business more effective, you need an asset tracking application to help you keep track of that equipment and data.

With an automated asset tracking application, the company can cut costs. By integrating bar code scanner technology, data can be captured faster than when using outdated manual methods, and tends to be much more accurate. In addition, in the long run your business reduces labor costs and time that are currently spent collecting data.

Web-based asset tracking applications also allow you to avoid hiring additional employees to collect and store data. Instead, your data is stored securely in an encrypted Web-based application that allows you to access it anytime, anywhere. Some applications are even optimized to work with an iPad for mobile data collection.

With asset tracking, you can easily reconcile between what has been purchased and what has been used, which is really powerful.

Improve service

Additionally, asset tracking applications can improve customer service, as well as accelerate reaction time for an event needing a quick response (for example, in healthcare, it can help patient care by helping staff find the required device as soon as possible).

Thwart thieves

An asset tracking app can help prevent employee theft, reduce loss of equipment and increase accountability by alerting you to who is responsible for company equipment at any given time.

What are you waiting for?

By adopting an asset tracking application, your business will be able to locate equipment and data quickly and eliminate ineffective processes. Furthermore, an Web-based asset tracking application centralizes information in one place, reducing duplicate data and multiple versions of the truth.

Asset tracking applications also help you keep track of how your business is performing with real-time dashboards and notifications. Data will be at your fingertips and the manual processes that used to slow your business down will be a distant memory!