TrackVia’s Ed Daihl Named in Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2021

The Software Report Names Growing Low-Code Software CEO for Top Honors.

Denver —Sept 15, 2021 — TrackVia, the fastest low-code app-building solution for business people and IT professionals, announced today that their CEO, Ed Daihl has been named to The Software Report’s Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2021. Ed’s vision and strategy have led TrackVia to be one of the fastest-growing citizen development platforms enabling businesses to digitize their processes and expand the use of low-code within their organizations.

This year’s CEO awardees represent some of the largest, fastest-growing, as well as unique software companies that are driving the industry forward. These CEOs demonstrate that with vision, strong leadership, and cutting edge technology that thrives and spreads rapidly across the global business economy.

“This past year Ed has helped us quickly transition to remote work when it was necessary,” states Charles Var, VP of Marketing, “Not only that, he’s worked with customers and employees to help them adapt and thrive in this unique environment. He really appreciates the difficulties that appeared and addressed them head on ensuring that our teams were up to the challenge.”

Ed’s commitment to improvement and considerations during the pandemic has encouraged growth and loyalty among employees and customers alike. Recent milestones at TrackVia under Ed Daihl’s leadership include: a Gold Tier Technology Partnership with PMI; a launch of FasTrack, a quick photo to mobile app feature; and developing a TrackVia diversity and inclusion committee.

“I strive to listen to needs and understand how an organization can quickly adapt when needed,” says Ed Daihl, TrackVia CEO, “At TrackVia we have been able to help other organizations adapt quickly with low-code and saved many companies in this recent pandemic. I’m honored to be helping companies and my employees thrive in these unprecedented times.”

Most recently Ed gained insights as to low-code and citizen developers that led to TrackVia offering a mobile only option. Mobile only is intended to help potential customers get started in creating custom applications right from their mobile devices at an affordable price point, a need he understood noting that many businesses rely on their employees to use their personal mobile devices to access company apps.

TrackVia offers the most trusted low-code platform for anyone looking for a better way to work. TrackVia gives citizen developers and IT experts the ability to easily build and integrate apps to track, manage, and automate processes. People from Honeywell, Stearns Lending, and Rad Power Bikes have made lasting and substantial improvements to their business in days, not weeks, using TrackVia’s bullet-proof cloud-based technology — and they love getting the industry’s best customer experience every step of the way.

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