TrackVia Unveils New Photo-to-App Capability for Citizen Developers

Company Launches New ‘Instant App’ Feature Along with New Mobile Offering
as More Enterprises Turn to Citizen Development to Drive Digital Transformation


Denver — Aug 9, 2021 — TrackVia, the fastest low/no-code app-building solution for citizen developers and IT professionals, will have people turning heads when they realize that they are one photo away from making their first application. TrackVia’s FasTrack™, allows developers, IT pros, or front-line business users to take a picture of a form, upload it into TrackVia and instantly convert it into a fully functional application with centralized data storage, built-in reporting, security, and modern integration and workflow capabilities — with zero coding required.

“Companies waste millions of hours every year trying to capture data manually with paper or PDF forms, only to waste even more time keying that data into other systems,” said Walker Fenton, SVP of Product for TrackVia. “The TrackVia FasTrack feature allows front-line workers or department managers to pull out their mobile phone, snap a photo of a form, and digitally streamline that entire process in just a few seconds without any coding whatsoever.”

In addition to converting photos of forms into applications, users can also use the FasTrack feature to convert PDFs into applications or create them from scratch by just using their mobile device while they’re on a job site or standing on the factory floor. The new FasTrack feature is included standard at no additional cost to users and is available now. To learn more about the FasTrack feature and see a quick video, check out TrackVia’s latest blog. To request a demo click here.

Separately, TrackVia also announced the introduction of a new mobile-only offering. Starting at $499 a month, TrackVia Mobile – which includes the new FasTrack feature – gives organizations a fast and simple way to explore Citizen Development. The new offering includes one admin user and five mobile users.

“A lot of companies want to start their Citizen Development journey with a mobile use case that’s quick to get up and running and shows a big impact fast” said Ed Daihl, TrackVia CEO. “TrackVia’s new mobile-only offering combined with the FasTrack feature allows companies to see for themselves and then scale things over time.”

Given the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimates of 1.4M unfilled developer and IT positions, Gartner predicts that low-code app building will account for 65 percent of all app development by 2024. A 2019 Forrester Research study projected the global market for low-code platforms to increase to $21.2B by 2022, up from $3.8B in 2017. Both the new FasTrack™ feature and new mobile offering aim to help companies explore and embrace Citizen Development, which is a business process that encourages non-developer-trained employees to create or configure their own applications using company-sanctioned low/no-code platforms.

TrackVia offers the fastest app-building platform for anyone looking for a better
way to work. TrackVia gives business people and IT experts the ability to easily build
and integrate apps to track, manage, and automate processes in days, not weeks.
People from Volcafe, Honeywell, and Rad Power Bikes have made lasting and substantial improvements to their business using TrackVia’s bullet-proof cloud-based technology — and they love getting the industry’s best customer experience every step of the way.

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