My 2012 Un-Resolutions


I don’t know about you, but the second I stick my neck out with a public resolution – like around New Year’s – I pretty much guarantee that it’s not going to happen. Surely there’s a scientific explanation for this. It couldn’t possibly be a lack of will power, right?  So with that self knowledge I’ve decided to come up with a few work-related ‘un-resolutions’ for 2012 – things I resolve NOT to do in the coming year.

  1. Not Say “Yes” So Much: I’m a people pleaser by nature, so my default answer to most work-related things is “yes, I’ll do it”. Trouble is, by the time I finish doing all the things I’ve said “yes” to, I leave little time to do the stuff that really matters in my work.
  2. Not Use Stupid Technology: There’s a lot of great technology out in the world for sure. There’s also a lot of crap too – software, games, websites, gadgets, phones, online services, etc. When I run into a crap technology, I often find myself trying to “fix” it, or second-guessing myself figuring it’s user error versus dumb design. Life’s too short to waste time on dumb technology.  Thank goodness for TrackVia. If I run into dumb business software, I’ll just kick it to the curb and use TrackVia to build it myself.
  3. Not Over Complicate Things: A recent BusinessWeek article about Stanford University procuring Apple Computer’s archives revealed how Wozniak and Jobs came up with the company name. Given Jobs’ brilliance for marketing, I assumed they thought long, hard and deep about the name. Turns out it was the best name they could think of at the time, and Jobs figured it at least put them ahead of Atari in the phone book.  No over complicating there.

I could easily come up with several more things, but statistics show that I’ll forget these three in about a week. So if you need something from me, wait a week or so and I’ll probably say “yes”.

Do you have any work-related resolutions or un-resolutions this year?


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